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Lawyers suspend action vs. ‘Alexander’

Greek attorneys admitted they haven’t seen film at issue
/ Source: The Associated Press

A group of Greek lawyers angry at the portrayal of Alexander the Great as a bisexual in the Hollywood movie “Alexander” suspended legal action after conceding they hadn’t watched the film.

Court officials said the group of 25 lawyers withdrew on Tuesday a request to delay the movie’s opening in Greece.

“Alexander,” directed by Oliver Stone, stars Colin Farrell as the warrior king. The film, which opened to mixed reviews in the United States, is set for release Friday.

The lawyers argue there is no historical evidence supporting claims that Alexander had male lovers. They had demanded the movie’s release be delayed until its producers agreed to include a disclaimer explaining that the film is a fictional portrayal of Alexander’s life.

But they agreed to suspend the action until they can view a preview screening of the film later this week.