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Lawyer sues Vanessa Hudgens for $150,000

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/ Source: Access Hollywood

As if her nude photo scandal wasn’t enough, “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens is now being sued.

According to court papers obtained by “Access Hollywood,” a former lawyer for the “HSM” star says she owes him $150,000 in legal fees.

The lawsuit, filed by Brian L. Schall in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, alleges a breach of contract and unjust enrichment by the 18-year-old Hudgens.

“Perhaps Vanessa Hudgens… needs to go back to school to learn a very basic lesson in contractual obligations,” Schall states in the lawsuit.

The suit claims Hudgens and Schall entered into a written contract for legal services in October 2005.

According to the suit, Schall claims he advanced costs and expenses on Hudgens’ behalf for her songwriting and recording career.

A rep for Hudgens was not available for comment.