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Lawyer: LSD accusations against 'Teen Mom' Jenelle are 'a joke'

MTV / Today
Jenelle Evans denies her former friend's claim that she uses LSD.

A lawyer representing troubled “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans has come out swinging against the reality star's former BFF, who he claims is selling lies to the tabloids to pay for her own legal problems.

Evans’ on-and-off-again best friend, Tori Rhyne, recently went to Star magazine with claims that Evans has been using LSD, telling the tabloid, “She does it a lot -- she fell in love with it.” 

Rhyne also revealed that Evans is a frequent user of other drugs, including Ecstasy, Xanax, Adderall and alcohol.

"I do worry about her because I don't want her to have a bad trip and never be able to get out of it. I want Jenelle to straighten up her life,” Rhyne told the magazine.

The explosive claims could cause trouble for Evans, who is currently on probation stemming from several previous arrests, including one involving a misdemeanor drug charge.

Evans’ lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, has responded to the story, saying Rhyne is not only trying to cash in on her former best friend’s fame, but also get some much-needed cash for herself.

“I’m sure Jenelle’s accuser is simply attempting to collect money to pay for her recent driving while impaired charge she has pending in Brunswick County (N.C.),” he told TODAY.com.

Sullivan insists that his client is not only drug-free, but has truly turned a corner in her recovery process. “Teen Mom 2” viewers watched as Evans headed to rehab during season two to address her marijuana dependency issues.

“Jenelle has been clean and sober since July of last year and has successfully completed each and every random drug test that was given to her every week for nearly eight months,” he said.

Evans also took to her Twitter account to defend herselfagainst her former BFF's accusations. "Why sell me out to a magazine for DUI money when I'm on probation, accusing me of doing drugs when I haven't even seen or hung out with tori in f------ months since February," she tweeted Wednesday. "I'm passing my drug tests and staying clean and going to college," she added on Thursday.

This isn't the first time she's spoken  out against Rhyne's claims that she's been dropping acid on the regular. "That stuff scares me,” she recently told a fan on Twitter. “I'm bipolar as it is, why would I want to even try to mess up my head more than it is?"

Rhyne had been friends with Evans since junior high, but the two recently had a falling out and no longer speak — except to exchange the occasional jab on Twitter.

Sullivan said that Rhyne is trying to cash in on the “Teen Mom 2” star’s fame while the show is still a hit. While MTV has revealed that the show will have a fourth season — which is currently being filmed — the  network has yet to comment if that season will be the last for the series.

“This is yet another attempt by those around Jenelle trying to get their two seconds of fame [by] slandering my client,” Sullivan said. “These stories are a joke. These folks are just trying to collect money while they still can.”

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