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‘Law & Order’ takes on political scandal

Episode was inspired by gay N.J. governor
/ Source: The Associated Press

A governor of a small Northeastern state announces his resignation, driven from office by a gay sex scandal. It happened in New Jersey and it happens again on “Law & Order.”

Wednesday’s episode of the NBC drama, titled “Gov Love,” revolves around a fictional Connecticut governor who is married but has an affair with a male state employee.

The relationship is disclosed when the governor’s wife is murdered and detectives find a link between the employee and a contractor whose financial dealings with the state may involve corruption.

The issue of gay marriage also is debated in the episode (airing 10 p.m. ET Wednesday).

Married New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey has resigned and is leaving Nov. 15 over an affair with a man identified as Golan Cipel, hired by the governor in 2002 to head the state’s Homeland Security department despite little experience. Cipel has steadfastly denied any involvement with McGreevey.

“Although our story ideas are often ‘ripped from the headlines,’ our stories are always fictional,” said Pam Golum, a spokeswoman for the show.

“Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf on Tuesday said he anticipated that the show might provoke controversy.

“Law & Order is an equal opportunity offender. ... As many of the best episodes of ‘Law & Order’ have done over the years, ‘Gov Love’ will hopefully not only entertain but challenge our audiences’ preconceptions, whatever they may be,” Wolf said.