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Laura is voted off on ‘Survivor’

Yet another immunity idol is found quite easily — are they even bothering to hide these things?
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The tribe has spoken: Laura Morett was taken out by Russell, Foa Foa, and two members of her former tribe, Galu: Shambo and John. John initially voted for Natalie, sticking with Galu and Laura, but he broke a dramatic tie vote in order to save himself. She'd long been a target of Shambo's for some unclear reason, but Russell also wanted her gone because she is the presumed leader of Galu, never mind the fact that she won two consecutive individual immunity challenges.

Silent truths: As a member of the jury, Erik isn't supposed to talk. But twice he said exactly what viewers were thinking during the tense Tribal Council vote and re-vote. "Man, this is good s--t," he said. "So good."

Vote, vote, rock: We learned that, this season, if there's a tie vote, there will not be a tie-breaking fire-building challenge. Instead, everyone votes again, except the two people who received votes. If there's yet another tie, then the two people who received votes are safe, and everyone else draws rocks, sending one of them home randomly. While Dave said he'd be willing to gamble, John was not, and sent Laura home.

Another week, another idol: Russell Hantz found his third hidden immunity idol, although this time, at least, he had a clue: video of it hidden under a mossy rock. "There it is. Oh my god," he said. "This is way too easy." Clearly.

Hanging by a leg: Natalie won the reward challenge for her team by putting her entire body into it. Lying on a stretcher-like platform that was suspended in the air by ropes that her team controlled, she grabbed a series of 14 flags. To reach them, she moved farther and farther out of the cradle, and by the end was just holding on to the ropes with just her legs, causing her to be dangling in a near-vertical position. "Natalie, don't fall out!" Jeff Probst warned. But her legs held on.

Sponsored a lot by Sprint: Sprint's Palm Pre played a big role in the episode, as Jeff Probst gave the winning reward challenge team the phone to take pictures with during their trip to Samoa's other island, Savaii. Viewers had to endure a series of snapshots taken on the phone, and later it gave the tribe the clue for the immunity idol, in both note and video form. There was almost more in-episode advertising than Russell.

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