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‘Late Show’ staffers defend Letterman’s affairs

Last week’s big on-the-job affair confession from talk show host David Letterman may have been a shock to fans, but the news came as no surprise to “Late Show” staff members.
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Last week’s big on-the-job affair confession from talk show host David Letterman may have been a shock to fans, but the news came as no surprise to “Late Show” staff members.

Evidently, rumors of Letterman’s office romances had long circulated behind the scenes. Those in the know defend their boss, insisting the careers of their female co-workers never suffered for it.

“There's always rumors,” a “Late Show” employee recently revealed to the New York Post. “But I never heard of anyone saying that (the female staff members) were sexually exploited by (Dave). He worked really hard all the time. It didn't surprise me that there'd be something that would go on in the workplace.”

Besides, according to other on-set sources, the late-night legend’s actions had no adverse effect on women in the workplace. Regardless of whether or not they were involved with Letterman, the “Late Show” made for a female-friendly environment.

“Dave has a great track record of promoting women on the show — three of the five executive producers are women, and all of them have been with him for more than 20 years,” one source said.

Another staffer echoed the sentiment, stating, “He's got all these strong women working for him. Strong women survive there.”

Cibrian’s wife claims Rimes wants her lifeEddie Cibrian’s soon-to-be ex-wife Brandi Glanville thinks the actor’s other-woman-turned-official-girlfriend, LeAnn Rimes, wants more than just her husband. Glanville now believes Rimes wants her whole life.

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"I have a new neighbor and her name is LeAnn Rimes,” Glanville complained to “She's moved in a half a mile from my house and a block from my son's school. So she is completely space invading me at the moment … things are not cool.”

Glanville insisted Rimes had gone too far by moving into her Calabasas, Calif. community and attempting to hijack her life. It’s more than the mother of two is willing to take.

“There is a point where (LeAnn) needs to have a sensitive side and back the ‘F’ up," Glanville told the magazine. “Honestly, she's ‘Single White Female-ing’ me. She wants my life. She wants my kids. She wants my husband. She can have most of everything but just not my children or my family."

Dish on the flyNo matter how often his name leads the list of credits, Matt Damon just can’t accept the fact that he really is leading man material. “You always feel like somebody’s going to show up and go, ‘Okay put that thing down, what the f--- are you doing here, and who let you in here?” “The Informant!” star confessed in a quote published to Showbiz Spy. “I really feel like any moment I’m going to be caught out and I’ll have to go and get a real job. I’ve always felt that way.” … Once she added motherhood to the mix of an already busy career, actress Halle Berry decided she needed a make-under. “Less is more,” the Academy Award-winner told InStyle. “When I wear too much make-up, I feel like a man in drag. I prefer to be low maintenance.” According to Berry, there are better way to spend her limited beauty time. “I don't style my hair much anymore, but I do (18-month-old Nahla’s) all the time!" … Although he left Jessica Simpson weeks before she lost her beloved dog Daisy to a coyote, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo offered his ex a shoulder to cry on when he learned of the attack. “Tony loved that dog, and he knows better than anyone the pain Jessica is feeling right now. He actually broke down and almost cried with her,” a source revealed to the National Enquirer. “Tony told Jessica, 'Call me any time — no matter what you need.’” Aw. That almost makes up for dumping her the night before her birthday. Almost.

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