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Late-night potpourri: Stinky planes, a Cubs link

Late-night TV show hosts found humor in the presidential debate, the candidates, the economy, Barack Obama's stinky plane and Sarah Palin's lunar ambitions.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Late-night TV show hosts found humor in the presidential debate, the candidates and the economy.

A sampling from Thursday night:

“This is a good part of the campaign. Things are really getting nasty. Do you enjoy it when it gets nasty? Listen to this, today John McCain tried to link Barack Obama to the Chicago Cubs.”— David Letterman, CBS’ “Late Show”

“Everybody’s still talking about the presidential debate the other night. About how boring it was. Experts say that neither candidate scored a knockout punch. I don’t know about that. After about 10 minutes, I was out like a light.”— Jay Leno, NBC’s “Tonight” show

“Members of the press corps are complaining that Barack Obama’s airplane is cramped and has a terrible odor. So finally, with just a month until the election, we’ve found the comedic take on Obama: He has a smelly plane.”— Conan O’Brien, NBC’s “Late Night”

“In describing her beautiful Alaska home, Sarah Palin said when she stands on her porch she can see the moon. So you know what that means. She’s now qualified to be an astronaut.”— Leno

“Beautiful day in New York City today. It was 73 and sunny. John McCain is 73 and cranky.”— Letterman

“Obama says there’s nothing new to the accusations of a friendship with ’60s radical Bill Ayers. He says Ayers is a person who he knew early in his career but now plays no role in his campaign. Kind of like the Clintons.”— Leno

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“Clearly they haven’t seen the Dow industrial average. They’ve been on line for hours. You’re all broke!”— Jon Stewart, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”

And on a Thursday edition of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”:

“As stocks dropped sharply Monday, President Bush urged patience with the government’s new $700 billion plan, saying it’s going to take awhile. The good news is, he’s never been right.”— Seth Meyers

“At a rally on Saturday, Sarah Palin attempted to recite a quote from Madeleine Albright that she read off a Starbucks cup. She then summed up her views on energy by saying, ‘America runs on Dunkin’.”’— Amy Poehler