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Late night low-blow: Lopez compares Kirstie Alley to a pig

During her Monday night “Dancing With the Stars” debut, Kirstie Alley proved that she’s one of the top celebrities to watch in the ballroom bash this season. But it seems Alley's fancy footwork wasn’t what caught the eye of late night host George Lopez.

While viewing a highlight reel on Tuesday’s “Lopez Tonight,” Lopez, a self-proclaimed “Dancing” fan, lobbed a few lightweight jokes at Kendra Wilkinson and Ralph Macchio, and he even worked in a mean jab about Wendy Williams’ gender before moving on to his main target.

“(Kirstie) did a nice job,” Lopez said as footage of Alley’s cha-cha-cha played behind him, “her little hooves tapping away.”

That was just the beginning of what turned out to be an extended pig-themed joke at Alley’s expense.

“Before the show she went to the market, then she had roast beef, and this is her going all the way home,” Lopez told his audience before switching to a video of a piglet crying “wheee-wee-wee-wee!”

Comedy can be cruel, but that one seemed like a low-blow, even for Lopez. Do you think Lopez went too far? Share your thoughts below, and please remember to keep it civil.

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