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‘Late Late Show’ host pays tribute to late father

Visibly shaken Ferguson tells audience ‘my heart's broken’ in monologue
/ Source: The Associated Press

Craig Ferguson's "Late Late Show" monologue Monday was no joking matter. Visibly shaken, the CBS host instead paid tribute to his father, Robert Ferguson, who died Sunday at age 75.

"If I get weepy, I don't want any slow cameras zooming in and music and stuff like that," said Ferguson, 43, during the 15-minute tribute. "You don't need to manufacture the drama. My heart's broken, my father's dead."

His Scottish accent thicker than usual, Ferguson said his father, a hardworking postal worker in Scotland for 44 years, was a "man of few words" who bonded with his son while watching television.

"When I was watching television with him, I used to sit in front of him and he would sit behind me and he would put his hand on my head," Ferguson recalled, his voice cracking. "And I loved that. And he did it last week in the hospital."

"He wasn't in the generation that was like, 'Son, we need to talk about our feelings.' My dad would just say 'all right.' You knew what he meant when he said 'all right.' The relationship I have with my father is not unlike the relationship I have with the old country, Scotland. I complain about it. I grumble about it. I can be mean about it sometimes. But I love it. It's where I'm from. It's who I am."

Ferguson said even though the two didn't always get along, his father was "a great man" who encouraged him to move to America and follow his career dreams.

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