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'Last Vegas' stars co-host TODAY: 4 great moments

Four Oscar winners — Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline — took on co-hosting duties Friday during TODAY’s 8 a.m. hour while promoting their new movie, “Last Vegas.” In case you missed their takeover in its entirety, behold: four great moments from four legendary stars.

Al Roker gives Kevin Kline a lesson on meterology.

Weather or not
Kline was keen on Al Roker’s weather technology, and had fun poking around on the big TV weather map, impressed at being able to draw the jet stream with just a swipe of the finger. It prompted Roker to ask, “Is that magic?” Later on, however, the weather struck back and a brief attempt to bring everyone outside under a tent was scuttled when the wind kicked up. Fortunately, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie (plus some crew members) were able to hold down the tent poles while everyone scurried inside. And no one got hurt!

Talking trending
During the TODAY Trending segment, a Hallmark ornament that read “Don we now our fun apparel," rather than the lyric “Don we now our gay apparel,” led to a discussion of political correctness gone wrong. 

Kline, who had buried his face in his hands, scowled: “It ... doesn’t deserve a comment! It’s so bizarre. Stupid.”

“We have a tendency to do that in a way,” added Freeman. “I mean, you get politically correct stuff happening … I all of a sudden became an African. Political correctness. African-American. I’m not African.”

Later in the segment, the group talked about a study that revealed many women want to change the men they’re in long-term relationships with. Lauer pointed at the actors to confirm their marital status, and when he reached Douglas (who has recently made headlines with a reported estrangement from wife Catherine Zeta-Jones), he asked, “Michael?”

“Yes!” enthused Douglas, affirming (with a laugh) his status as a married man.

Rolling the dice with 'Last Vegas'
The actors eventually sat down to talk about their movie, which has been called a “Hangover” for older men. But, noted Lauer, the film seems to suggest that maybe there isn’t enough time left for their characters to find happiness.

Freeman turned earnest with his comment: “I sort of accept where I am (age-wise) pretty much,” said the 76-year-old. “I’m not concerned so much about the time left. I’ve got a lot of time left. A lot. I don’t expect to check out before maybe 105, 110, something like that.”

Now you’re cooking
Finally, the actors gave on-air cooking a shot, digging out pumpkins and putting together dough-wrapped meat, as chef John Besh (author of “Cooking from the Heart”) guided them through TODAY’s kitchen. Douglas won the pumpkin-scooping competition, while Kline tried to warm up his concoction with his hands ... but Freeman, who was trying to caramelize figs, encountered a technical difficulty when the pan failed to work. “I didn’t do anything!” he insisted.

After it was all done, Douglas thanked everyone for the chance to co-host the show, adding that “It was a treat.”

As for Freeman? “I’m going back to bed,” he said.

“Last Vegas” opens in theaters Friday, Nov. 1.