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Last chance for final four on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

It’s hard to believe, but the big night is here -- it’s the finals of "So You Think You Can Dance," and our final four will have their last chance to show us what they’ve got. Or to choke. I’m not being mean, I’m just saying it happens sometimes. But hopefully tonight we’ll get nothing but stellar performances, as these four dancers really have been exceptional all season long. I hope everyone’s voting, because I think that with talent like this it’s going to be a close one.  

Our judges’ panel is Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Katie Holmes and Kenny Ortega. And I have to mention -- for the longest time I thought Cat Deeley was really, really tall. Well, saw her the other night (along with the final four and Mary Murphy) and realized -- she's tall, but not THAT tall. Our final four are just adorably pocket sized. But I digress. Moving on!  

Melanie and Marko

Our favorite couple M&M will be doing a Doriana Sanchez disco. This should be exciting! Doriana has done some kick ass work for the show and I’m sure M&M can deliver the goods, so let the games begin!  

And yet ... technically this is pretty good, but some of the lifts seem to be rougher on Marko than I’d like. And when it comes to upper body movement, some of the disco moves look more like something out of an aerobics class than disco. It seems a little tighter than I’d like. But I will say, I’m being very picky. There’s some joy missing in this dance. They’re working their butts off (and this is a very demanding routine), but it definitely seems like exactly that -- work.  

Kenny Ortega thought they looked like they jumped out of “Saturday Night Fever.” Katie loved it. Following her intro, in which she loved the dancers, the season, Cat and possibly the lighting fixtures, I think Katie loves everything! She believes the story they’re telling. Mary loves disco and Doriana and adores Melanie and Marko. But she thought some of the lifts were not great and they went in and out of the style. Nigel agrees with Mary. He thought it was a struggle and thought they were uncomfortable in the style.

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