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Larry David teams up with Miley Cyrus for 'SNL' but won't ride elevator with her

"I like a private ride," the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star told Miley Cyrus in a hilarious promo for this week's "Saturday Night Live" episode.
/ Source: TODAY

Actor and comedian Larry David consistently blurs the line between real-life and television and, according to a “Saturday Night Live” promo, he may stay in character as the host of "SNL" this weekend.

The funny clip featured a very “Curb Your Enthusiasm” moment in which the “Seinfeld” creator bumps into Miley Cyrus at Rockefeller Center.

The unlikely duo realize in a characteristically uncomfortable exchange that they’re both involved in Saturday night’s live show — Cyrus as musical guest and David as the host.

When two elevators open up in front of them, David opts to break up the encounter rather than join Cyrus for the ride.

"Larry, where are you going? We can just ride up together, we're going to the same place," says Cyrus, looking confused.

"Eh, it's not necessary," David responds. "I'll go up alone, and I'll see you upstairs. I like a private ride. Who gets an elevator all to themselves? It's a fantastic thing!"

Despite their awkward meeting, the actors know each other’s humor well.

David once appeared on a “Seinfeld”-inspired episode of “Hannah Montana” in which Cyrus' alter ego beat David out for a table at a popular Hollywood restaurant.

Cyrus reminisced about the funny episode on Twitter Thursday.

Saturday’s "SNL" episode marks Cyrus’ third musical appearance on the iconic show. David, a former "SNL" writer, has frequented the show for many years.