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Lance Bass shows off his fishy Big Mouth on 'Tonight Show'

"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon and his crew often come up with hilarious bits without outside help, but sometimes viewers offer some pretty funny ideas too.

Take fan Matt Davis, who wrote in a note for Fallon's suggestion box: "I was wondering if you knew anyone who could recreate (musical novelty Big Mouth Billy Bass) live." And that led to a rather fishy appearance by *NSYNC's Lance Bass.

The former boy bander was rolled out onto the stage — as Big Mouth Lance Bass — while mounted to a plaque above a fireplace, just like many Big Mouth Billies.

Fallon and Bass were so tickled they couldn't help but giggle uncontrollably as the late-night host introduced the gag, which had the singer crooning "Take Me to the River" and flopping his legs around, just like the animatronic bass does with its tail fin. 

Viewers apparently couldn't resist the clip either, leading the bit to trend on social media.









The skit may have been silly, but the human Bass seemed to have had a great time with it, sharing on Instagram, "What a fun show! #TheTonightShow."

What a fun show! #TheTonightShow

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