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‘Laguna Beach’ star has no pity for Lohan

“I think she deserves whatever punishment she gets,” says Jessica Smith, who pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI charges earlier this month.
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Lindsay Lohan is getting no sympathy from Jessica Smith. The “Laguna Beach” star says that the “Mean Girls” actress deserves whatever is coming to her.

“I think she deserves whatever punishment she gets,” Smith tells 24Sizzler. “If she gets off just because she’s Lindsay Lohan, that’s ridiculous. If someone slaps her on the wrist, and is like, ‘oh, you bad girl,’ she won’t learn her lesson.”

Smith knows something about driving under the influence; she pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI charges earlier this month. She was sentenced to 80 hours of community service, was required to attend a MADD meeting, and was placed on three years probation.

“I think (Lohan) needs real help, not Promises-type of help with massages and everything,” Smith said. “She needs to go to a real place to address her problem. The bottom line is she needs help. She keeps messing up.”

Spelling challengedCourtney Love is getting her plastic surgery touched up so that she’ll look more like she did before she got work — and she’s blogging about it. But while she’s getting work done, she also might want to brush up on her typing.

“My mouth still looks wonky, i think i gott go back to paris tot he dr, he fixes bad surgery and also cleft palates and serious [bleep] its nbot really vanity hes conservtive, wich we like,” the grunge singer wrote on her Web site. “This really isnt znyones business but im hating that id di that to my mouth back in the day and he didnt really take out enough the first time around i just wnt the mouth god gave me back.”

Love, it has been rumored, had injections to make her lips fuller. “It was perfectly cute. and i had nice big lips as Gwyneth says when i was "Out Sick" (genius phrase) of my dark years id id some damage and i have to restore myself to not looking ridiculous, idont care if im prettty or ugly or jo de lie wich is what i apretty much am (french for ugly pretty - theres no english word fo rit and im sure im nots pelling it right).”

Notes from all overMadonna lit into one of her hubby’s staffer who made a quip about her adopted son. The Material Girl was on the set of Guy Ritchie’s new film, “RocknRolla,” when she overheard some people discussing her son, David. One of the staffers asked what the child’s name was and another replied, “Lucky (Bleep),” according to the London Mirror. Words were exchanged and by the end of the day, the staffer was an ex-staffer. ... George W. Bush recently had some polyps removed from his colon — and PETA has written to the president that now he should remove meat from his diet. Going veggie, the animal-rights group is telling the commander in chief, is good for health, and kind to critters. “I am sending you a vegetarian starter kit,” PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich wrote to Bush, “and we'd be happy to arrange for a trained gourmet vegetarian chef to travel to the White House to work with your chef on the preparation of delicious meat- and dairy-free meals, like faux fried chicken with all the fixin's.” ... Matt Damon says that kissing renowned beauty Angelina Jolie in “The Good Shepherd” was, well, weird. “I think it was a lot easier for my wife Luciana and (Jolie’s sweetie) Brad Pitt to cope with than it was for me and Angie,” Damon said, reports the London Express. “We’re old friends — it’s like kissing your sister or something. It was seriously awkward.”

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