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Lady Heather lends a hand on ‘CSI’

A case that involves S&M leads Grissom back to Lady Heather. But the former dominatrix knew the real reason he was there was to talk about Sara.
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Unsolved murder: Victim Ian Wallace was strangled, and his body strapped to the bottom of an SUV. The killer stupidly used nylon rope, which melted, dropping the corpse into the road. The CSIs found needle-play marks around Wallace’s nipples and his tongue had been burned during bondage. His girlfriend, Justine, was also found murdered; she’d been kidnapped, taken to the desert, and hit with her own SUV.

Feel the pain: The bondage clues led the CSIs to the Lower Linx, a club for amateurs in the S&M scene. A “slave” at the S&M club, Martin Devlin, became their suspect. They accused him of the murder, but it turned out that his female attorney had also slept with Wallace and that Devlin had gotten jealous. (Brass called the whole thing “a kinky soap opera.”) The night of Wallace’s murder, both the attorney and Devlin had been at Wallace’s house and there had been a fight, but neither of their shoes or cars matched those at Justine’s crime scene. “Are we supposed to believe that same night Ian’s play date went wrong, a couple of psychopaths happened to torture and murder our vics?” Greg asked. And with that, the CSIs were stumped.

No more GSR? Throughout the episode we heard snippets of a Web video Sara had made for Grissom. She’s apparently on a research ship off the coast of Mexico. She said, “I’ve been waiting for you to decide. But sometimes, not making a decision is making a decision. You don’t have to worry about me anymore.”

A little help from his friend: Grissom went to Lady Heather, he said, to get more information about the bondage scene. But she never believed that was the real reason he was there. She asked what stopped Grissom from going with Sara. “It’s beyond my control,” Grissom replied. Heather said that the reason Grissom had come to her was because her house was the only place that didn’t remind him of Sara. And then she offered him her guest room. He accepted.

Exchange of the night “Have you ever been tied up?” Riley asked Greg, as they looked for bondage gear at the victim’s house. “What do you think?” Greg said. “I think you’re more into hair-pulling,” Riley said.

Second best “Who’s Lady Heather?” Riley asked. “That’s a whole ‘nother Oprah,” Greg said.

Third best“Is that normal?” Catherine asked when Grissom randomly walked out of the room.“Grissom being socially awkward?” Doc Robbins said. “Yes, that’s normal.”

Is it hot in here? Club owner Michelle Tourney was reluctant to give a DNA swab, so an officer had to hold her down while Nick took the sample from inside her mouth. “Turned you on, didn’t it?” she said. “Bet you’re standing at attention.”