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Lady Gaga strikes out with Mets fans

Scantily clad singer caused scene behind home plate, and then was moved to Jerry Seinfeld’s unoccupied luxury suite.
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Lady Gaga made quite a scene at a New York Mets game at Citi Field last week.

Clad basically in her underwear, the singer first sat behind home plate where, thanks to passionate kisses shared with another woman, she attracted a great deal of unwanted attention.

Gaga responded by giving a single-finger salute to the entire stadium.

The Mets then moved the singer to seats in Jerry Seinfeld’s unoccupied luxury box, later apologizing to the comedian for the move. A statement from the team said, “We deeply regret that Jerry Seinfeld has been associated with this matter and have apologized to him.”

As for the Seinfelds, they’re taking Gaga-gate in stride. Their representative said in a statement that “The Seinfelds take an optimistic view of Lady Gaga's gesture as a sign that she wants the Mets to be in first place as badly as they do.”

Kristen Stewart on ‘weird’ Taylor Lautner kiss“Twilight” fans will finally get to see Bella (Kristen Stewart) and her werewolf pal, Jacob (Taylor Lautner), kiss in “Eclipse,” but the scene didn’t come easily, at least for Stewart.

The kiss “was so against everything that Bella's always been,” Stewart told reporters at an “Eclipse” press conference Saturday in Los Angeles.

However, Stewart said that the scene, in which a very cold Bella chooses to cozy up to Jacob  instead of her boyfriend Edward (Robert Pattinson), was somewhat gratifying.

“Bella always wanted Jacob and Edward to level with each other finally, and it's funny that it takes place while she's sleeping between them,” Stewart said. “It was fun to shoot, but I wish it wasn’t as hot. I was literally in a beanie and I was just sweating.”

Stewart said the intimate scenes were odd, but enjoyable. “Taylor (and I) have so much fun with this stuff because our intimate moments are so few and far between — and weird,” Stewart told reporters. "Me and Rob are always so serious because we have (a lot of) those scenes."

But when it came time to choose the better kisser, Stewart couldn't take sides.

‘Karate’ chops box office“The A Team” didn’t put up much fight at the box office this weekend. The 1980s remake made only $26 million, coming in well behind the other 1980s remake, “The Karate Kid,” which made $56 million.

To be fair, “The A Team” folks probably had no idea what they were up against, as “Karate Kid’s” take far exceeded even studio estimates.

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