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Lady Gaga is happy Madonna is a fan

“My sister texted me and she was like, ‘Madonna is 15 feet away from me. And there are two guys having sex in the audience,’” Lady Gaga told V magazine.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Lady Gaga has never been one to hold her tongue, and in a new interview with V magazine, the pop star dishes on everything from style to sex.

“Mario (Testino) wanted me naked all day long,” Lady Gaga said of the elaborate cover photo shoot with the famed photographer for the mag’s fall issue. “It was my stylist, Nicola, who kept sneaking in the designer stuff. He was like, ‘Put this Fendi belt on right now!’ We love clothes. But Mario, he really understands me, and he said, ‘I want this to be about you. I don’t want it to be about the clothes.’”

The fashion-centric singer also talked about her music, including the bevy of cover bands that have done versions of her hit “Poker Face.”

“I looove Faith No More! Their song ‘Epic’ was my burlesque number at the bar I used to work at!” she said. “When I found out they did ‘Poker Face,’ I was like, ‘S---!’”

The busy singer is planning a tour with Kanye West, but instead of opening for the rapper, it’ll be a collaborative effort.

“We are attempting an epic story,” she said.

And while the breakthrough star has found herself compared to the biggest names in pop music — Madonna and Britney, among others — she said she’s not trying to be anyone but herself.

“Look, when I was a brunette, they called me Amy Winehouse,” she explained. “When I was a blonde, they called me Madonna. Then they called me Christina, then Gwen. I just don’t think most people’s reference points go back very far.”

Still, Lady Gaga didn’t mind when the Material Girl herself turned up at New York City’s Terminal 5 venue to catch her on tour.

“My sister texted me and she was like, ‘Madonna is 15 feet away from me. And there are two guys having sex in the audience,’” Lady Gaga recalled. “I just remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is exactly what I wanted. I’ve got Madonna and I’ve got gay sex!’”

She added that the gay community, including blogger pal Perez Hilton, has helped her rocket to superstardom, supporting her long before she had No. 1 singles. And she says she’d never give up playing gay clubs even as she heads from theaters to arenas.

“With the exception of God, my family, and (best friend) Matthew (Williams), and the Haus (of Gaga, her design collective), and Vincent Herbert (who signed and discovered her), the gay community is the single reason that I am here today,” Lady Gaga said. “I started out playing gay clubs in America, then I went to London to play G-A-Y, where I didn’t think anyone knew who I was, and there were thousands of people there. How could I ever turn my back on those people who really fought for me? And besides the loyalty factor, playing in gay clubs is fun.”