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Lady Gaga 'finally' gets her driver's license at age 30: See her pics!

She's on the right track, baby.
/ Source: TODAY

In her 2011 hit "Marry the Night," Lady Gaga sang that she would "throw on some leather and cruise down these streets that I love." And now, she just might be the one driving!

The singer proudly revealed via Instagram on Friday that she has gotten her driver's license ... at age 30.

"After years of driving w an adult present," the singer wrote in the caption, "IM FREE! Rollin w the homies [sic]." For a novice, Gaga looks right at home behind the wheel of that pickup truck.

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And here she is at the DMV, making us majorly jealous of her on-point outfit:

And then there was this little spiritual outburst in the parking lot:

This is a big freakin' deal, you guys.

Thirty might seem a little late for a milestone many of us pass as teenagers, but Gaga was born this way. By "this way," we mean a native of New York City, where driving is unnecessary at best and downright terrifying at worst.

Also, she's Lady Gaga. She has people (er, homies) to do the driving for her.

It's gotta be tough learning to drive as an adult ... but not as tough as learning to drive while being Lady Gaga, who has had to contend with paparazzi crashing her practice sessions.

"Maybe while I'm learning to drive you don't need to sneak up on me and stick your GIANT camera IN A MOVING VEHICLE," the singer tweeted in 2012.

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But Gaga prevailed, and now she can floor it away from those paparazzi (who, as her biggest fans, will follow her until she loves them).

Congrats, Gaga. You're on the right track, baby!

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