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Lady Gaga could join Simon on ‘X Factor’

Flamboyant singer Lady Gaga would be an entertaining judge for sure, but if she took the job, Paula Abdul likely would be out of luck.
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The coveted female judge slot on “X-Factor” could go to creatively attired singer Lady Gaga. Reports coming out of the U.K. claim Simon Cowell has already offered her the job.

She’d certainly be good television, but if she was asked and does accept, it could be bad news for Paula Abdul, who’s also said to be a contender for the spot.

“There’s not room for both Paula and Lady Gaga,” said one source close to Cowell. “It would definitely be an either-or situation.”

If Gaga did become a judge, it might be worth watching “X Factor” just to see what she wears next.

Gaga is already known for her unconventional approach when it comes to clothes, but one of her recent outfits hit a new mark for weirdness. At a glance, it appeared that she might be wearing a couture outfit made out of bandages. In reality, Gaga reportedly cobbled together an outfit from Kymaro body shaper girdles, which were never intended to be outerwear.

Rivers disses late-night hostsJoan Rivers isn’t holding back on her feelings about Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. According to her, both of them are unfunny, but if there’s a winner here, it’s O’Brien. Here’s what the comedian had to say in an interview with Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith.

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On O’Brien: “(The recent late-night fiasco was the) luckiest thing that ever happened to him,” said Rivers. “He’s not that funny, the numbers are going down, he would’ve ended up a failure and let go. And they would’ve put Jimmy Fallon in his place. What happened was, he is now the guy that was hurt, he’s the good guy that didn’t want to ruin the integrity of the ‘Tonight Show.’ He’s walked away with 40 million dollars — not tragic —  and every other station now wants him for late night. Oh, it’s such a win for this guy!”

And Leno:  “I think it’s very negative for him,” Rivers said. “I think people got a good look at him and realized he ain’t funny. What’s funny at 11:30 when you’re tired and you want to go to sleep — you don’t want to be annoyed, in a way. You can fall asleep to Jay Leno, doesn’t matter, because you didn’t miss anything. You know? It’s comfort. It’s comfort TV. At 10 p.m., you’re like, ‘Wait, this guy isn’t funny, what am I doing? Who is this guy?’ I think that was negative. And also all the rumors about ‘he’s not being liked very much’ came up. ... It all surfaced, that he ain’t this wonderful warm sweet lovable guy. He has a very small Christmas card list.”

Stars and politicsHollywood’s enthusiasm for politics, which seemed to peak after the inauguration of President Barack Obama, continues to be evident in the year since he took office.

The latest evidence: a PSA featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Bateman, Chace Crawford, Felicity Huffman and more, encouraging clean energy. Check it out at

Will Gibson be forgiven?We’ll find out whether moviegoers have forgiven Mel Gibson for his 2006 anti-Semitic tirade and his other headline-making behavior when his film, “Edge of Darkness,” opens in theaters this Friday.

Gibson’s revenge thriller, which marks his return to acting after seven years, is up against the romantic comedy “When in Rome,” with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel.

Between the two, my money’s on “Edge of Darkness,” but I predict “Avatar” will maintain its stronghold atop the box office for a seventh straight week.

Tweeting the GrammysThe Grammys are this weekend’s stop on the slow march through awards season.

I won’t be at the show, but I’ll be watching and tweeting throughout the broadcast. Follow CourtneyatMSNBC if you want to join in.

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