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Ladies and gentlemen go Gaga on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Tonight, the dancers are doing what I thought  they were supposed to do last week -- dance one routine with an All-Star, and then another paired up with fellow finalist. This exciting (to me) news is quickly dispensed with, however, so the show can get to what it deems the most important element of the night: Guest judges Rob Marshall and Lady Gaga. I must admit, that’s a lot of star power to blow on one episode. Gaga looks relatively normal, you know, if tonight’s episode turns out to have a Sgt. Pepper theme.

Sasha & All-Star Pasha

The rhyming couple is paired for a self-professed “bizarre” quickstep choreographed by Jonathan Roberts. There’s a ton of dancing to do tonight so little time for rehearsal packages, which is just fine and dandy if you ask me! The dance itself is quirky, lively and a lot of fun.

Rob calls Sasha beautiful and one of his favorites, but thinks the genre is a bit too restrained for her strengths. Mary says she pulled it off and compliments her technique. Nigel says Sasha is his favorite dancer by a “hair’s breadth” and calls the routine tremendous. Gaga loved it as well and calls it really beautiful. I can’t concentrate when Lady Gaga talks because I want to move her hair out from under those sunglasses. How does she not go insane?!

Caitlynn & All-Star Ivan

Caitlynn and Ivan are given a hip-hop routine choreographed by Marty Kudelka, about a guy winning back his girlfriend after a fight. The choreography is fairly tame and doesn’t give Caitlynn a real chance to shine. It will be interesting to see the judges’ reactions.

Mary calls it “really good” but not brilliant, and spends most of her time fawning over Ivan. Nigel says the word swag. I really need to look up what that means, don’t I? He does complement her ability to play the character as well. Gaga thinks Caitlynn is sexy and the connection between her and Ivan was magical, and gives some good constructive criticism about following through the movement. Rob says she needs to lose herself a bit more in the dance.

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