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Lack of ticket eliminates ‘Race’ duo

Married pro wrestlers had run-in with actors
/ Source: The Associated Press

That’s not the ticket!

Married pro wrestlers Lori Harvey and Bolo Dar’Tainian failed to read a clue thoroughly and forgot a required ticket during CBS’ “The Amazing Race,” which pushed them from second to last place on the race around the world.

“We missed the part where it said you had to have a ticket,” Dar’Tainian told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “It was my fault, but Lori can read, too.”

In Tuesday’s episode, “The Amazing Race” teams traveled from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, weeks before the Dec. 26 tsunami disaster.

“The train we rode on for four hours is completely gone. It’s very sad,” Dar’Tainian said. “It’s crazy to think what would’ve happened if it would’ve happened while we were there. We would’ve gotten killed.”

Of the five remaining two-person teams, Harvey, 33, and Dar’Tainian, 38, were the oldest team left and, according to Dar’Tainian, the “toughest.”

“We’re backwoods country people. We’re more real,” Harvey told the AP, referring to their competitors. “I was so tired of ‘oh baby’ this and ‘oh honey’ that. I was like, would you please remove that word ‘baby’ from your vocabulary?”

During a rush to buy airline tickets during the fifth leg of the race in Senegal, Harvey and Dar’Tainian had an altercation with dating actors team Hayden Kristianson and Aaron Crumbaugh, who were securing tickets for themselves and their allies, engaged model team Freddy Holliday and Kendra Bentley.

“I was about ready to break his boney butt in half, but I’m not that mean of a person,” Dar’Tainian said.

He also called Jonathan Baker’s treatment of Victoria Fuller — they were eliminated last week — “way out of line” and said the ongoing friction between formerly dating couple Adam Malis and Rebecca Cardon was “tragic.”

“I didn’t know their relationship was that bad,” said Dar’Tainian.

Up next for the brute duo? Harvey says she “would love to do Playboy.”