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Lachey blows out Simpson’s party plans

Jessica Simpson’s plans for a big blow-out 32 birthday bash for hubby Nick Lachey were a bit of a bust.
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Jessica Simpson’s plans for a big blow-out 32nd birthday bash for hubby Nick Lachey were a bit of a bust.

Simpson wanted to throw her reality-show costar “the party of the century” because she wanted to “show Nick how much she loves him and wants to make things work between them,” a source tells the upcoming issue of Life & Style Weekly.

Lachey threw a bit of a wet blanket on the festivities when he reportedly told her, “Do what you want, but leave me out of it.”

Finally, Lachey “relented, sort of” reports the mag and Simpson cancelled the plans for a big birthday bash and threw a smaller party for her hubby and his family at an upscale Cincinnati restaurant on Nov. 10.

The next day, the two had another party in Los Angeles for friends, but neither Simpson’s parents or her sister, Ashlee, were there. “While the dinner wasn’t a total disaster, the friend of Jess’s says the couple continue to grow apart,” according to L&S.

Reps for the two, however, deny that and say the marriage is very happy. Says the friend, “Nick’s in a bind. How can you divorce a woman who won’t acknowledge there’s a problem?”

Two thumbs down for graffiti artistsDonald Trump isn’t quite saying it, but it sounds a lot like star thinks graffiti artists should have their thumbs cut off.

Trump recently praised Oscar Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas, after Goodman went on a local TV show and suggested the de-thumbing of people who deface freeways with graffiti.

“I know [Goodman] well. He’s a special guy,” Trump said. “The interesting thing was that the mayor was strongly criticized [for his comments about cutting off thumbs]. One man actually went on television and reprimanded Mayor Goodman only to tell me when he wasn’t on the air that he thinks it’s a great idea. And a lot of people think his idea is a good idea. They just don’t want to say so on radio or television. Therefore, I have no comment.”

Notes from all overFans of Mary J. Blige were surprised that the recent Vibe cover photo of her had digitally removed the scar above her eyebrow. “It’s very prominent and she’s always refused to cover it up, but she also won’t discuss how she got it,” says one fan. “Maybe that’s why she didn’t like the picture.” The singer dissed the pic at the Vibe awards.  . . . Speaking of digitally altered photos, Kate Winslet insists she hasn’t lost weight and says that recent shots of her looking slim were thanks to computer magic. . . . Sharon Osbourne has definitely crossed the more-than-we-want-to-know line. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife told Heat magazine that her hubby “[bleeps] like a rabbit, honestly.” She continued: “We have sex every night we’re together. Every night. Sometimes I have to tell him I’m too tired, but Ozzy’s never tired. I think I might have to file a formal complaint against him.”

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