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Kyle Richards: 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion was 'absolute torture'

Talisman Brolin / Today
Kyle Richards supports March of Dimes I'm Born To campaign, to help every baby be born strong and healthy, at an NBC taping in Manhattan on Tuesday, April 30.

Here's hoping season five of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" goes more smoothly for Kyle Richards.

While promoting her partnership with the March of Dimes' I'm Born To campaign, the reality star told TODAY that that last month's contentious reunion show "was absolute torture."

In fact, "it was torture leading up to it, that day," when she joined her sister, Kim Richards, and their co-stars Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Taylor Armstrong and Yolanda Foster to rehash a season marked by catfights and controversy.

"The previous seasons I really felt like even though we had our differences, at the end of the day we all came together and supported each other," she explained. "Whether it was supporting Camille through her divorce with Kelsey or my sister going to rehab, or what Taylor went through with Russell. I really felt like we all came together and supported each other. … At the reunion I felted ganged up on."

"It felt like it was very strategic on all their parts," she said about the hits she took from her co-stars, especially Foster. "Yolanda and I have never had an issue all season, and all of a sudden she came at me. … I was probably hurt the most by Lisa because I was the closest with her from the beginning, and I think the things she said were not very nice. … It was very hurtful. … It was really awful, I have to admit."

But Adrienne Maloof, who clashed with Glanville after the leggy blonde revealed a family secret, was MIA. "When you sign up for something like this, it's our job to -- none of us want to go to the reunion," said Richards when asked about her former co-star's no-show. "I personally felt it was her chance to explain things -- by her not talking about, not explaining, she was just hurting herself really. So I think that she would've been a lot better off if she showed up and explained her side of the story."

And although Richards even shed tears of sympathy when Maloof revealed she was splitting with her husband on the season finale, they haven't been in touch since.

"I actually haven't spoken to her," Richards admitted. "I was with Camille (Grammer) one day at the Beverly Hills Hotel and we bumped into her, but we haven't seen her."

Kyle insisted she doesn't know who will replace Grammer and Maloof on season four, or even when it's set to begin filming.

"They like to keep us hanging like they do everybody else," she said with a laugh. "They like to leave us hanging and wondering until the very last second!"

When asked whom she'd pick to join the "RHOBH" gang, Richards mused, "I can't think of any particular person, but I would like someone on there who's a girl's girl, someone intelligent, someone who likes to have fun, and someone who's honest. And then I feel like we can get through anything if I can have someone like that."

Meanwhile, Richards is focusing on the positive. In addition to her new boutique and her philanthropic efforts, Richards said, "My No. 1 job is being a mom and a wife," she said, "so I've got my hands full!"