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Alrighty! Kyle MacLachlan reveals favorite Trey scenes on 'Sex and the City'

We couldn't help but wonder what Kyle MacLachlan remembers about playing Trey MacDougal.
/ Source: TODAY

When Charlotte York met Trey MacDougal on the third season of "Sex and the City," the Park Avenue cardiologist seemed like the perfect catch. But the ill-fated marriage that followed turned out to be one of the series' most memorably disastrous — and entertaining — relationships.

We couldn't help but wonder what Kyle MacLachlan remembers about the role.

"When Michael Patrick King and Jenny Bicks came to me and said, 'We have this character, he's Upper East Side, he's a heart surgeon,' I was thinking to myself, 'This is going to be fantastic,'" MaLachlan, 59, told TODAY. "It'll be like John-John Kennedy. It'll be like a guy throwing a football in the park, really masculine, really virile, and then they said, 'Oh, and he's going to have mother issues and other complications.'"

In fact, some of the actor's favorite scenes were with Frances Sternhagen, who played comically overbearing MacDougal matriarch Bunny.

SEX AND THE CITY, (from left): Kyle MacLachlan, Kristin Davis, 'All That Glitters', (Season 4, ep. 4
Trey and Charlotte seemed like the perfect couple.

"Anytime I got to work with Frances Sternhagen was a joy because the situations that they had us in as mother and son were so uncomfortable," he said. "There was one scene in particular when I'm taking a bath and she's sitting on the toilet smoking a cigarette and we're having a conversation. And Charlotte comes in, and of course, Kristin Davis has got the greatest look on her face of shock and disgust and 'Now what do I do?' That was a particularly fond memory."

He added of Sternhagen, "She played this Upper East Side matron and she would come to work in Birkenstocks and jeans and a blouse and straw hat. She was very bohemian. And then she would transform into this fantastic character from the Upper East Side."

SEX AND THE CITY, ('Don't Ask Don't Tell', Season 3), Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Da
Trey donned a kilt for the couple's nuptials.Everett Collection

MacLachlan also reminisced about his character's jaunty catchphrase.

"I think 'alrighty' was in the original script," he said. "And I think they did a little bit of the Scottish thing based upon my last name. It was Trey MacDougal/Kyle MacLachlan, obviously. They had us get married in the kilt and all that. I think they borrowed a little bit from my heritage. And the 'alrighty,' they felt was something they felt I might say, I guess."

Fortunately, there's no rivalry between MacLachlan and Evan Handler, who played Harry Goldenblatt, Charlotte's divorce lawyer who ultimately wins her heart.

"He was great. He was the perfect choice for her," he said. "Strong, no frills, regular guy. She didn't have to worry about sharing the shampoo with him. It was perfect."

Machlachlan opened up about working with John Corbett, who played Aidan Shaw.
Machlachlan opened up about working with John Corbett, who played Aidan Shaw.

MacLachlan also had warm words for the show's other male characters.

"We would hang out; the guys would hang out backstage," he said. "I remember there was John (Corbett) and me, David (Eigenberg), and he sometimes would walk around with pink fuzzy slippers on. John's a great guy. I know him personally; he's really funny. And he was a wonderful counterpoint to Sarah Jessica."

So, which of the ladies would Trey date, aside from Charlotte?

"I'd first have to check with Bunny to make sure it's OK," MacLachlan joked.