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Is Kutcher worth $1 million to 'Men'? Maybe not

CBS and Warner Bros. recently confirmed that Ashton Kutcher is on board for the ninth season of “Two and a Half Men,” and already, some sources close to the negotiations are sharing details of the star’s rumored payday.

Insiders who spoke to the Wall Street Journal said that Charlie Sheen’s replacement is expected to make “around $1 million” per episode, but whether or not that figure represents straight pay or the addition of pay incentives, such as back-end profits on reruns, was unclear.

What is clear is that many aren’t buying the million amount. Sure, that payday would represent a savings for "Men" bosses. After all, they made Sheen the highest paid actor on television at $2 million per episode, but even half that might be a bit much for Kutcher.

TMZ reports that actual figure for the actor, who is expected to play an all-new character and not a rehash of Charlie Harper, is somewhere between $625,000 and $900,000 per episode.

For now the exact payday is still unknown, but a source close to the show confirms to TODAY.com that the million-dollar figure is “wildly off base.”

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