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Kutcher and Cryer lock lips on 'Two and a Half Men'

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Kutcher and Cryer locked lips on Monday night's "Men."

Just who Ashton Kutcher may or may not be kissing off-screen has been the stuff of tabloid talk  for weeks, but on Monday night’s episode of “Two and a Half Men,” there was no doubt about the actor’s latest lip-lock partner. It was none other than his prime-time co-star Jon Cryer.

The unexpected, affectionate act took place after a woman established just how uninterested she was in Kutcher's on-screen alter ego, Walden, by kissing her gal pal. Walden returned the sentiment by smooching his roomie, Alan.

Waldens’s antics, which so far have included a couple of nude scenes and the aforementioned just-for-kicks kiss, get plenty of attention, but are they enough to keep viewers tuning in the new Charlie-Sheen-free “Men”?

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