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Kristin Davis' dark role in 'Deadly Illusions' surprised her 'Sex and the City' fans

If you combine "The Undoing" with "Psycho Nannies," you have "Deadly Illusions." The new thriller that has been topping the trending list on Netflix.
/ Source: TODAY

If you have popped on Netflix this last week, you have probably seen that a new thriller starring Kristin Davis has been the number one trending film in the United States.

But for anyone who loves the 56-year-old actor from her work as Charlotte York on "Sex and the City," you will be very surprised at what awaits you.

deadly illusions netflix
Kristin Davis. FOX / Getty Images

What is "Deadly Illusions" about?

The film, titled "Deadly Illusions," stars Davis as a popular thriller author who decides to take up a new book at the urging of her husband, played by Dermot Mulroney. She stresses that she is a different person when she writes, which is why they decide to get some extra help around the house to ease her stress. In walks the 20-something nanny Grace, played by Greer Grammer (yes, the daughter of Kelsey Grammer), who is so sweet and perfect Davis' character starts to doubt her good intentions.

From there, the film becomes a psychotic and sexualized thriller that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. There is quite a lot of sex, nudity and bloody violence as well. Those who make it past all that and watch the end are even more confused by the film's conclusion, which only leaves you asking more questions.

Well, some fans are taking to Davis' social media to express their love for the film, but many are also admitting the film was way too much for them to handle.

"I need someone to explain the ending to me. So confused," one viewer wrote.

Davis actually responded, reassuring her confused fan, "I understand!"

Another person was a little more opinionated with their thoughts. "This movie made me uncomfortable," they wrote. "Only could get through half of it."

Davis even responded to this comment, sweetly agreeing with her follower: "That’s OK, I get it!"

Other fans are happy to see Davis' in a role that is quite a departure from Charlotte, the sexually naive and hopeless romantic that made her famous from "Sex and the City."

"The movie wasn't my cup of tea at all but me and my husband watched it even though I had to keep explaining everything to him because he couldn't keep track of the real bits and the novel bits," one person wrote in the comments.

"I also kept saying 'Charlotte would definitely not consider this,'" they added. "I must admit that the acting was spot on and it was good to see you working as a completely different character. You are a fantastic actress and you excel at anything you set your mind to. Well done @iamkristindavis I'm proud of your talents."

Another fan wrote, "It was so good!!!! We’ve been telling everyone they HAVE to watch it!"

Whether or not you decide to commit two hours and watch the film is up to you, but don't tell us we didn't warn you first.