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Who is Kristin Cavallari's boyfriend? All about Mark Estes

Cavallari revealed on her podcast that she has spoken to her three children about possibly having a kid with her new beau.

Kristin Cavallari and her boyfriend, Mark Estes, have only been dating a couple months, but she is already thinking about a future step in their relationship: starting a family.

Cavallari discussed just how “serious” the couple are during the April 2 episode of her “Let’s Be Honest” podcast with guest and close friend Justin Anderson.

Cavallari and Anderson, a celebrity hair stylist, frequently referred to Estes as “Montana” in the episode because his Instagram account is called Montana Boyz.

The reality television star praised Estes, who is 13 years her junior, for being “a really good guy.”

“He’s just so sweet me. He’s so f---ing sweet to my kids,” she gushed.

She said the two have fun together and they are both supportive. She also revealed they are already having conversations about their future.

Cavallari continued, “The one thing that I’m not actively thinking about it, but it’s definitely like in the back of my mind, is, you know, he wants to have a kid.”

Anderson was so surprised by the news that he nearly choked on his water. Cavallari laughed and said, “So, you know, I’m mulling it over.”

The celebrity hair stylist said he could see Cavallari and Estes being parents together. “Could you imagine that baby?” he asked.

She jokingly replied, “That’s why I might have to do it.”

Taking on a more serious tone, Cavallari shared that she has mentioned the idea of expanding her family with her three children: Camden, 11, Jaxon, 9, and Saylor, 8.

“I’ve been actually talking to my kids, too. Like, you know, ‘What do you guys think about that?’ All of my kids are like, ‘Yes! Do it!’” she said.

When Anderson asked if she was actually contemplating raising a child with Estes, she responded, “Yeah, I have to.”

“It’s become pretty serious, this relationship. I would say,” she added laughing. She then joked that Estes doesn’t know how serious they are.

“If it’s going to last, I would have to have a kid,” she reiterated.

Before the podcast ended, she explained that she is so open to expanding her family because she wouldn’t want to prevent Estes from having kids in his life.

“We’ll see. Listen, like, it’s literally been a couple of months. But when you know, you know!” she playfully said.

“The Hills” alum, who was previously married to Jay Cutler from 2013 to 2022, has been frequently gushing about her new relationship since the couple became Instagram official in February.

On Feb. 27, Cavallari uploaded a selfie of them together.

“He makes me happy,” the “Laguna Beach” star captioned the pic with a white heart emoji.

Estes re-shared the same pic on his Instagram story and placed two red heart emoji over the snap.

Since that moment, Cavallari has proudly defended their relationship to critics who question their age difference.

In a fiery TikTok video posted March 1, Cavallari shared footage of herself mouthing the words to a voice-over, which says, “So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to arrest me? Are you going to give me a ticket?”

She captioned the clip, “When they’re all up in arms that I’m dating a 24 year old. Andddd?”

Then, on March 17, she uploaded a picture to her Instagram story that appeared to show Estes walking side by side with one of her sons. The reality TV star also added a white heart emoji to the photo.

Read on to learn more about Cavallari's new boyfriend.

Who is Mark Estes?

According to his Instagram bio, Estes lives in Nashville, which is the same city that Cavallari resides in, according to People.

On Instagram, Estes has posted pictures from his high school days where he played football, ran track & field and also honed his skills in basketball.

In 2017, Estes announced that he was going to Montana State University to play football.

"I would like to announce that I am committing to Montana State, couldn’t of done it without The support through friends, family, and God. #gocatsgo #bobcatfootball," he captioned the post.

In 2021, he was listed on the roster for Montana Tech University in Butte, Montana.

In November 2023, Estes also looked back on his time in football when he wrote an appreciation post about how much he loved the sport.

"What a ride. Thankful for the last 6 years of what this sport has brought me," he wrote alongside some pics on him on the field at Montana Tech. "Thanks to all the coaches and brothers I met along the way."

Estes also appears to be an avid outdoorsman. On Instagram, Estes has posted a handful of photos of him posing with fish he'd caught.

"Damnnnnnnnnnnn," a person wrote on one post featuring a large sailfish.

"Let’s go mark!!!" another wrote.

How did Kristin Cavallari meet Mark Estes?

Cavallari revealed how she met Estes on the March 26 episode of her podcast, "Let's Be Honest."

While interviewing Estes and his boy group, the Montana Boyz, Cavallari explained that she knew who Estes was because she had seen him on TikTok before.

"So, like, probably September, October, I saw you guys on TikTok, and I was like, 'Who the f--- are the Montana Boys?' Mark, specifically, I was like, 'This guy is so hot.' So I sent it to my best friend, and I was like, 'Look how hot this guy is.' We both were like, 'Yeah, wow, he's amazing,'" she said.

Cut to "three or four weeks later," Cavallari explained she got a direct message from the Montana Boyz Instagram account that said, "I love you."

"I was like, 'Oh, my God! It's fate!'" she yelled.

"Eventually I asked who I was talking to, and he said, ‘Mark.’ And I said, ‘Oh, good, you’re my favorite,'" Cavallari recalled.

From there, Cavallari set the boy group up with her assistant so they could appear on her podcast. Looking back on the moment, she said she was glad that Estes reached out to her on Instagram.

"It worked out," she said. "OK, cool. Love that."