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Kristen Wiig's 6 best 'Saturday Night Live' characters

Kristen Wiig as Gilly on "Saturday Night Live."

It's been a long year since Kristen Wiig ditched "Saturday Night Live" for Hollywood movie stardom, but at long last she's finally coming back! The star is returning this weekend to bring the funny back ... er ... host the show that made her famous.

During her seven seasons, she was responsible for some of "SNL's" most memorable characters, a few of which she will hopefully be resurrecting during her guest appearance, as the episode's promos hint.

We'll have to wait until Saturday night to see which oldies but goodies are resurrected, but fingers crossed these gems are allowed to shine again.


We've probably all met a Penelope at some point in our lives: the person who has to one-up everyone else in the room, even if it's just to celebrate the fact that her misery is more miserable than yours. Her divorce is worse than yours. Your relatives came over on the Mayflower? Well, Penelope's came over a month before yours did on the "Aprilflower." If the conversation has nothing to do with her, Penelope has to interject and get the spotlight, even if she has to tell a few lies to make sure her story is better than yours.

Target Lady

Wiig brought Target Lady into viewers' lives nine times during her "SNL" run. This superstar employee loves everything: the sound her register makes, Beyonce, even her restless leg syndrome. She annoyingly comments on what you buy, how you pay and who you're shopping with, but you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who enjoys her job as much as Target Lady does.


At first glance, Shana seems like a bombshell, with her long red hair, breathy voice and tight outfits. But after spending a few minutes with her you'll see that she's really a burping, bad-mannered chick with a laugh that sounds like a hyena. With her Shana skits, Wiig taught that you certainly can't judge a book by its cover.

Judy Grimes

When "Weekend Update" needs to hear from a travel expert, Judy Grimes, a fast-talking, nervous travel writer, makes her appearance. Judy manages to cram an astonishing number of words into a sentence, most of which are her catchphrase "Just kidding." She isn't able to shake her case of the nerves, no matter how many times she appears on "Weekend Update," which doesn't make her that great of a travel expert, but certainly makes her fun to watch.

Surprise Party Sue

If you want to keep something a secret, don't tell Sue. She loves to be in on a surprise but, unfortunately, can't contain her excitement and always ends up ruining the plan. Even if she tries to stop herself from spilling the beans about a surprise party or a friend's plan to propose, she just can't control herself. She tries everything to keep quiet, even resorting to using a lobster's claw to clamp her mouth shut, but she simply can't be contained.


One of Wiig's most iconic characters, Gilly, is a little girl with frizzy hair and a strange smile who likes to play jokes and cause trouble at her school. Whether she has stabbed her classmate with a fork or told her teacher to "shove it," she doesn't feel remorseful. In fact, after uttering her catchphrase "Sorry!" she likes to get up and do her signature dance while her classmates get blamed for her crimes. Gilly became so popular that "SNL" once gave her her very own Christmas special.

"Saturday Night Live" airs at 11:30 p.m. Saturday on NBC.

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