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Kristen Wiig's opening monologue for at-home 'SNL' is a sweet and silly tribute to moms

In the 45th season finale of "SNL," Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump, and Tina Fey joined Michael Che during "Weekend Update."
/ Source: TODAY

The finale of the 45th season "Saturday Night Live" was the show's third at-home production, and it was a great one!

Former cast member Kristen Wiig returned to host, Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump to give a graduation speech and Tina Fey virtually stopped by "Weekend Update" to share her thoughts on Mother's Day and home schooling.

Wiig, 46, who left the show in 2012, kicked things off with an opening monologue that focused on Mother's Day.

After an introductory dance and flashing her (pixelated) breasts, the comedian, lying down on a furry rug surrounded by candles, began: "This is the Mother's Day show, and at 'SNL' it's a very special time to celebrate moms. Unfortunately, like a lot of you, I can't be with my mom this Mother's Day, so I hope it's OK. I'd like to tell her I love her and send her good luck. She's in a competition over Zoom right now. Mom, I hope you win! She actually sent a picture."

Then a photoshopped image of the "Bridesmaids" star with grey hair and a muscle-bound body flashed on the screen with the words "Miss Florida Muscle Lady."

"People say we look alike, but I don't see it," she joked before continuing.

"I've been thinking lately. I don't know if I truly appreciated my mom the first 45 years of my life, but this year I'm feeling especially grateful for her advice, her love. I'm so thankful for all the things she's taught me, preparing me to be a mom myself, things like breastfeeding," she said, holding out a plate of chicken breasts. "Babies love that chicken. She would always say that."

On a more serious note, Wiig sat up and thanked all the moms who've been helping their families get through the coronavirus pandemic, and she ended with a candid rendition of one of her favorite lullabies as a child, "Hush Little Baby." Naturally, though, she belted it and added some show-tune flair.

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump on the finale of the 45th season of "Saturday Night Live."Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Other memorable moments included Donald Trump, portrayed by Alec Baldwin during the cold open, sharing some wisdom at a virtual high school graduation.

"Congratulations to the class of COVID-19. Today's not about me. It's about you — although I should spend a little time on me first because I've been treated very poorly, even worse than they treated Lincoln," Baldwin, 62, said as Trump to the stunned seniors in attendance over Zoom.

When the students began to question him, he asked to have them muted.

"You're actually lucky to be graduating right now," Baldwin continued. "There are so many new, exciting jobs out there like grocery store bouncer, cam girl, porch pirate, amateur nurse and coal. Don't forget about coal. It's in the ground and you just dig down and grab it."

Perhaps the most relatable moment of the night, especially for moms, was Tina Fey's appearance on "Weekend Update."

"Yes, I miss going to the grocery store," Fey, 49, told "Weekend Update" anchor Michael Che. "But there are so many great hacks you can get off the internet. For example, did you know if you're baking cookies and you don't have any flour, you can just go to bed? Yeah. You can all just shut your mouths and go to bed."

Tina Fey virtually stopped by Weekend Update during the finale of the 45th season of "SNL."Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Other notable guests included Martin Short, Josh Gad, Danny Trejo and the R&B group Boyz II Men, who performed "A Song for Mama" along with Babyface.

In mid-April, Tom Hanks served as the first host of the at-home shows, and over three remote episodes, viewers were treated to special appearances from Larry David, Adam Sandler, DJ Khaled, Brad Pitt as Dr. Anthony Fauci and more.