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Kristen Wiig impersonates One Direction's Harry Styles on 'The Tonight Show' 

Jimmy Fallon welcomed a very special surprise guest on his second "Tonight Show" Tuesday: One Direction singer Harry Styles. But all wasn't as it seemed.

Instead, Kristen Wiig emerged from behind the Studio 6B curtain in the guise of the British pop superstar.

On any other night, legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld would be a tough act to follow. His stand-up routine and interview with Fallon were both hilarious. ("My bedtime story when I was a kid? Darkness," he quipped about today's overindulgent parents.) 

But once Wiig took the stage, the "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" star was all but forgotten.  



Wiig's Harry costume was spot on, from the wild mop top, blazer, T-shirt, cross chains, down to skinny jeans and pointed boots. 





As soon as the "Bridesmaids" star opened her mouth, her impersonation went south. She didn't even bother adopting a British accent, and had to be coached by Fallon to identify Harry's native country.

"I'm from … England!"

In fact, it was Wiig's complete obliviousness about everything Harry that made her impression so side-splittingly funny. 



When Fallon asked how One Direction was formed, Wiig stammered, "Um, we were at school … and then we sent a tape to RCA." (The boy band was actually signed by Simon Cowell after competing on "The X Factor.")  

After misspelling Harry's name ("Stiles") when autographing Fallon's poster, she took the microphone to sing One Direction's biggest hit, "What Makes You Beautiful."

The results were ugly. Even with cue cards, Wiig sounded worse than a discordant drunk at a karaoke bar. 



However, Wiig did offer a convincing explanation for how Harry styles his gravity-defying hair: "I have to use two hair dryers" — aiming them at each other. 

But Wiig drew the biggest laughs when asked to name her favorite food in his inaugural "Rapid Fire Round."

"Carnitas," she responded, giggling into her mug while her fellow "SNL" alum collapsed in laughter on his brand-new desk. 



Thanks to Wiig — along with Seinfeld, a rousing performance by Lady Gaga, and Fallon's Ragtime Gals barbershop quartet's rendition of R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" — Fallon's new "Tonight Show" gig is shaping up to be a "beautiful" thing.