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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Elizabeth Murray

Kristen Wiig, set to start in the all-female-cast "Ghostbusters" reboot, is, in fact, afraid of a ghost.

Appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Wiig was chatting with the talk show host this Thursday about her excitement for the film, which begins shooting this summer, when DeGeneres decided to pull one of her favorite pranks — scaring her guests.

The talk show host, keeping in the theme of the high-profile film Wiig is slated to star in, had a ghost hiding in the set's table.

Wiig needed more than a scream to get over the surprise. The "Welcome to Me" star needed to take a moment on the floor, and steal a plant from DeGeneres' set as retribution, to calm down from the shock.

Also during the show, the actress shared a special Throwback Thursday photo of her perm during high school, and reflected on the pair's rendition of "Let it Go" the last time Wiig was on the show.