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Kristen Stewart: 'I stand by every mistake I've ever made'


Kristen Stewart knows she's made some errors in judgment, and many of those were publicly seen by the millions who see her movies, especially the "Twilight" series.

"I stand by every mistake I've ever made," Stewart says in the cover story of the March Marie Claire magazine. "So judge away."

She didn't get into specifics, but Stewart was widely criticized in 2012 when, although she was in a relationship with "Twilight" co-star Robert Pattinson, she had a fling with married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders.

She said the world of movies is still an enigma to her.

“Dude, I have no idea what I’m doing, and that’s kind of how I love it," she said. "I had no idea 'Twilight' was going to be huge. Certain movies I’ve done I thought were going to be amazing did nothing. So it’s fun not having so much control. It’s kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants lifestyle – it’s fun, but it’s scary as (expletive)."

Stewart also shared with the interviewer a poem she wrote, titled. "My Heart Is A Wiffle Ball/Freedom Pole."

She says she finds writing and acting to be similar. "I like being able to hit on something, like, 'There it is.' I don't want to sound so (expletive) utterly pretentious … but after I write something, I go, 'Holy (expletive), that's crazy.' It's the same thing with acting: If I do a good scene, I'm always like, 'Whoa, that's really dope.'"