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Kristen Stewart Ex "Can't Wait" to See Rob Pattinson in Bel Ami

Before there was Robsten, there was Michaelstew. Yech, even the sound of it is awful!
/ Source: E!online

Before there was Robsten, there was Michaelstew. Yech, even the sound of it is awful!

Of course, we're talking about Kristen Stewart's romance with former boyfriend, Michael Angarano, whom she dated after costarring with him in 2004's Speak. But then along came a little movie called Twilight, a sexy British costar and the rest is tabloid history.

But it sounds like someone maybe still harbors a little resentment? What does K.Stew's past flame have to say about her current A-list boy-toy?

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Not much!

Turns out the two dudes share more than just Kristen Stewart. Angarano is currently starring in Ceremony with Uma Thurman, while Robert Pattinson shares the screen with Thurman in the upcoming flick Bel Ami. Could we be more jealous, Uma?

"Oh, Bel Ami, that's right. Can't wait to see that," Angarano told this week. Hmmm, we detect just a slight amount of sarcasm there.

"He showed zero surprise at the question, smiled and maybe raised an eyebrow when he answered,"'s Breanne Heldman tells us after she asked Michael about Uma starring with Rob. "He was completely unfazed and, if anything, he got funnier and possibly even more relaxed from that point in the interview."

So while Angarano is off promoting Ceremony, R.Pattz is gushing over K.Stew in the latest issue of French magazine, Madame Figaro.

"I love those [actresses] of the golden age of Hollywood," Rob tells the mag. "Like the fiery Ava Gardner, and Katharine Hepburn, she's classy, she's rough and so funny. Kristen Stewart, whose acting I admire, has a little Hepburn side to her." Um, swoonus majoris.

And by Hepburn, R.Pattz is definitely talkin' Katharine, not Audrey. "I'm not a fan of Audrey. I know that girls of my generation love Audrey, but I think she's too girly," Pattinson bitch-spills to the mag.

And that, folks, is why he loves our Converse-wearing, hoodie-loving, renegade girl K.Stew just as much as we do. Sorry, Michael, but we hear Uma is single again...

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