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Kristen Bell reflects on getting married to Dax Shepard 9 years ago: 'Easiest day of my life'

Bell, who's in the upcoming film "People We Hate at the Wedding," shares that Shepard picked out her wedding day outfit.

There are many words to describe a day of matrimony: magical, surreal, emotional, the "best day ever." But with all the planning involved, wedding days are seldom described as easy — unless you're Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

In a recent interview with TODAY, while Bell was promoting her new film, "The People We Hate at the Wedding," the actor reflected on getting married to Shepard in October 2013, describing her wedding day as the "easiest day" of her life.

During that time, the Defense of Marriage Act was still law, and Bell recalled it feeling “inauthentic to stand up and be married to someone” in a big celebration when so many of their friends weren’t legally able to do the same. Bell wanted to keep it "really intimate" and just between her and Shepard, so the couple picked a day they both had off and headed to the courthouse.

"The minute we were like, 'Oh, I have next Tuesday. How about you?' we drove to the courthouse, and I thought we were just gonna go as is," Bell said, but that all changed when Shepard showed up in a full-fledged tuxedo.

"I came out in sweatpants, and my husband was in a tuxedo, which was so cute, and he was like, I’ll go pick your outfit out," the "Frozen" actor recalled. "And he picked out a little black jumpsuit."

From there, Bell and Shepard drove to the courthouse while listening to the playlist that Shepard made for the day, and tied the knot in a casual, intimate way with just the two of them.

Perhaps the best part? The entire wedding cost totaled $147. No wonder Bell called the occasion the "easiest thing" — even if their friends gave them some tough love at the end of the day.

"Our friends joked a lot about the fact that we invited no one, and later that afternoon, they got us a cake that said "The World's Worst Wedding," the singer shared.

When giving advice to other couples who are planning a wedding, Bell says that it's all about being true to what you envision your special day to look like.

"You have to really look in the mirror and ask yourself what you want," the "Veronica Mars" star said. "Do you want to have a day that you know could end up being fussy? And you'll have to take into consideration what napkins your grandmother wants? And if that's for you, like 'Yes, I want that challenge,' I say go for it."

Since getting married in 2013, the couple have had two daughters, Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7, and continue to stay busy in their professional lives — Shepard hosting his podcast, "Armchair Expert," Bell continuing to star in blockbusters, including "The People We Hate at the Wedding," which is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video Nov. 18.