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Kristen Bell says she needs to eat carbs because she can't work 'eating spinach'

The actress gets real about her nutritional needs in a new interview.
Image: Universal Television's FYC @ UCB - "The Good Place"
Kristen Bell considers every day to be Bagel Day.Rachel Luna / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

The keto diet and other low-carb eating plans may be the big craze in Hollywood (and beyond), but bread-loving actress Kristen Bell isn’t on board.

In fact, in a new interview that focuses on her personal approach to fitness and nutrition, the 39-year-old explained that consuming carbohydrates is a cornerstone habit that helps her craft.

Bell told Women’s Health that she starts her days with matcha tea and pea milk, later adding a breakfast of egg whites, spinach, tomato and feta cheese. But after that virtually carb-free start, she unapologetically busts out her daily mid-morning snack — a salt bagel with cream cheese.

“I have to eat carbs because I have to memorize 11 pages of dialogue, and I can’t do that eating spinach and chicken,” she explained.

According to publication, the "Good Place” star’s motto is that every day “is Bagel Day.”

In order to enjoy the foods that keep her mind sharp and her cravings sated, Bell practices mindful moderation as part of her vegetarian diet.

“I’m not super restrictive,” she said. “If they make au gratin potatoes, I’m going to have some, but I am mindful of the portion I take. I find that through conscious eating, I’m able to have all the rewards and also maintain a healthy, steady diet.”

Exercise, be it Pilates, general cardio or CrossFit, is just as important to her for her overall health.

But the most important thing for her well-being can’t be found in a gym or on a plate. It’s her family, including husband Dax Shepard and their two daughters, Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4.

That’s why, these days, she never works far from their Los Angeles home.

“It’s too disruptive to my family (otherwise),” Bell, who’s featured on the cover of the magazine’s November issue, said. “And (family), that’s what gives me the fuel to even be creative at all. If I had to choose, I’d choose them.”