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Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres' Spice Girls audition: You really really really want to see it

With two original members of the group likely not participating in the reunion tour, it's time to find some replacements!
/ Source: TODAY

Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres know what they want, what they really really want: to be Spice Girls!

Meet Fresh Garlic Spice (Kristen Bell) and Basi Spice (Ellen DeGeneres)!Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

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News recently emerged that yes, there will be a reunion tour with the adorable 1990s hitmakers — but that neither Posh (Victoria Beckham) nor Sporty (Mel B) will be joining. That leaves two spaces open, and the star of "The Good Place" and DeGeneres have happily volunteered as tributes.

And we got a chance to check out their audition tape when Bell visited DeGeneres on Tuesday's show!

"Kristen and I are the perfect choice, obviously," said DeGeneres, before airing the tape where they introduced themselves as Basil Spice (DeGeneres) and Fresh Garlic Spice (Bell). Why? Because they have awesome dance moves and know lots and lots of spices!

Kristen Bell on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowMichael Rozman / Warner Bros.

Grooving and sorta lip-syncing to the Girls' big 1996 hit "Wannabe," the two Spice Girl-wannabes are clearly just having the best time ever.

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"We're gonna get this," says Bell at the end of the "audition."

We have no doubt whatsoever!

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