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Kristen Bell celebrates husband Dax Shepard's 14th year of sobriety with emotional note

"The Good Place" star took to Instagram to share just how proud she is of her husband's hard work.
/ Source: TODAY

Kristen Bell is celebrating her husband Dax Shepard's 14 years of sobriety on Instagram and her sweet message is making fans of the couple say that they are "not crying -- ok actually crying!"

With a loving message of support, Bell captioned a series of photos featuring her hubby and their two children, Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 3:

In her post, Bell recalled some of their most beautiful moments together as a couple. Whether it was Shepard's jokes about how many tears of joy she cried on their wedding day or how he was by her side during the death of her beloved pup, it's clear he's been there for her over the years.

And in this message, she wanted to make clear that she's there for him too.

"I'm so proud that you have never been ashamed of your story, but instead shared it widely, with the hope it might inspire someone else to become the best version of themselves. You have certainly inspired me to do so," she wrote.

"I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone, and I want you to know, I see you. I see how hard you work," she added.

Shepard has been open about his decision to quit drugs and alcohol. He credits his sober lifestyle to the fact that he now has a wife, children and new sense of self-esteem. Judging by the comments on Instagram, many followers are indeed inspired to confront their own demons and follow Shepard's example.

Shepard's sobriety isn't the only thing this pair has been open and honest about; in fact, they've long been admired by fans for their realness. Bell has opened up about her own struggles with anxiety and depression, helping to reduce the stigma around mental health.

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The two are also open on more lighthearted topics. Earlier this year Shepard told Conan O'Brien that he's glad he never signed a prenup now that his wife, star of 'Frozen,' makes more money than he does. And Bell and Shepard have joked that their little girls take after Bell in their occasional stubbornness and get their insatiable curiosity from Shepard. The "Good Place" star has also shared other details about her personal life including how she keeps her kids from swearing as well as what she and Shepard do to keep their marriage strong.

They're certainly a couple everyone will keep watching, and rooting for.