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Kristen Bell brings hugs and 'Frozen' songs to Hurricane Irma evacuees

The "Frozen" actress, who got stranded in Florida along with millions of others, was not about to just hide out in her hotel room.
/ Source: TODAY

When the chips are down, some people just naturally rise up. And in the case of "The Good Place" and "Frozen" actress Kristen Bell, being trapped in Florida as Hurricane Irma rages has brought out her true inner cheerleader — and emcee!

We've already heard about her finding a room for "Frozen" co-star Josh Gad's parents at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, Florida where she's been staying as the storm approached, and she posted a great Instagram talking about how neighborly everyone's been in preparation for the storm. But as we learned, Bell has also been the motivating force behind keeping a lot of other people's minds off Irma — with songs, Bingo ... and wheelchair races?

Yep, it's like a very bizarre cruise with a Hollywood star at the helm.

As she's told us through Twitter posts and pictures, she's been keeping pretty busy. On Sunday, she stopped by an Orlando school that's being used as a hurricane shelter, and sang "For the First Time in Forever" from "Frozen" (remember, she voiced Anna) — and found two enthusiastic backup performers as well!

Meanwhile, the hotel where Bell is hunkering down (along with around 86 other film crew members) is full of senior home evacuees and she is finding all kinds of ways to light up their evenings. Whether it's sitting down to a meal among them ...

More singing ...


And late night wheelchair races! (OK, the video's a little dark but it's the crazy thought that counts.)

She's also alerted the hotel that she's ready to help in other ways as well. "We've just told the front desk that we have an able-bodied crew and if we need to deliver toilet paper and water to people's rooms, we're ready to be on staff," she told CBS Sacramento.

Overall, Bell is clearly trying to be the sunshine through a dangerous, dark couple of days. "If you've got family in Florida, don't hit them with the gloom and doom," she advised on Sunday. "We're doing OK. We're all making the most of it."

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