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Korean singer brings tears ... and memories of Susan Boyle

If you've been waiting for the next Susan Boyle to come along, or you're just hungry for another feel-good story featuring a seemingly random person catapulted into fame, look no farther.

"Korea's Got Talent" contestant Sung-bong Choi may be just what you're looking for. The 22-year-old and his half a million YouTube views has a very Boyle-like feel. There's the down-on-his-luck pre-interview, the frumpy appearance, the Coldplay background music and even the snickering audience as the young would-be singer takes the stage in front of judges who are prepared to be unimpressed.

More tales of woe and then ... the voice. It's that same operatic voice that Boyle dropped on the planet from behind her Scottish cat-lady appearance. You know the rest from here: the judges' eyes fill with tears, the audience cheers and wipes more tears.

"I just wanna give you a hug," the lead judge says to Choi after he finishes. No doubt the Internet and those fans who embraced Boyle will feel the same way.

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