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Knightley had lapdance in prep for ‘Domino’

Starlet says she can see why men enjoy them
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Draped in vintage black Missoni and Cartier diamonds, Keira Knightley graced the red carpet at the premiere of her new film, “Domino.”

“Anybody following you to ensure that you return safely?” Access Hollywood's Tony Potts asked the British beauty.

Keira stars, along with Mickey Rourke, as a real-life bounty hunter who goes gun-to-gun with bad guys.

“I should probably say yes, but no, I don't, isn't that a bit scary?” Keira asked.

But in “Domino,” opening Friday, Keira proves that seriously beautiful women can kick some serious butt.

“This is a movie that absolutely rocks,” Keira gushed. “It really does in every single way.”

Keira rocks too, as she performs a lapdance in the film for a group of gangbangers.

“A stripper came to your personal apartment and gave you a personal lapdance?” Tony asked Keira.

“Yeah,” Keira laughed.

“How did that happen?” Tony asked. “By herself [she] knocked on the door, what'd you do?”

“No, my mum was there as well, obviously,” Keira explained.

“Yeah, of course, why wouldn’t she?” Tony laughed.

“Yeah, parental guidance,” Keira laughed.

“I can understand why you might enjoy [lapdances],” Keira said.

“Really?” Tony asked.

“Well, they are sexy aren't they?” Keira teased.

The premiere also was a chance for actor Luke Perry to have a 90210 reunion of sorts with his former Beverly Hills buddy, Ian Ziering.

So, is there any chance of a real reunion with the whole cast?

“It would be a blessing to work with these guys again, are you kidding?” Ian told Access.

“Best time you ever had, best time I ever had,” Luke told Ian.