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KLG: 'The valleys of our lives strengthen our faith' 


As Hoda highlighted earlier this week, Kathie Lee is interviewed in great detail in the current issue of "CALLED" magazine, which placed her on its cover along with her faithful furry friend, Bambino.


In the interview with the Christian magazine for women, KLG reveals how the closure of the Broadway show she spent more than a dozen years writing tested her faith.

Kathie Lee: The moment I almost quit showbiz

When Scandalous closed on Broadway, I felt like God abandoned me. It was the first time in my life that I did exactly what God asked me to do, and look what happened,” she told the magazine. 

She said it's times like these where she chooses to lay it all at God's feet. 

"Faith is holding on to God's love, even when we can't feel it and when we don't understand it," she said. 

KLG said the experience still stings, but she believes “the valleys of our lives strengthen our faith.”

She also opened up about how she views her career as a type of ministry.

“My pulpit is in the entertainment world, and someone else’s pulpit might be in a hospital, classroom, or wherever," she said. "But every Christian is in ministry."