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KLG to troubled Amanda Bynes: Come live with me for a month

Could a record deal help straighten out Amanda Bynes?

The troubled actress and “Hairspray” star reportedly has been offered an album deal with the hip-hop label, Chinga Chang Records.

“Hopefully, it will turn out to be kachinga-chang for her so she can get back on the straight and narrow,” said Kathie Lee, who worked with Bynes when she was a child star with her own Nickelodeon program.


But KLG thinks she can do one better to help Bynes, who has been getting more attention recently for her erratic public behavior and recent run-ins with the law than her acting.

“I want her to come and live with me for one month – one month,” KLG offered Tuesday. “Amanda, for old times sakes, come and live (with me). I’m a tough task master but I’m fun.”

Hoda agreed, but offscreen the sound of wild laughter could be heard.

"Christine, it’s going to be fine," KLG said. "My assistant of 23 years just said she’s outta here."