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KLG rants at rude One Direction fans for 'garbage' tweets

The demise of manners among today’s youth led Kathie Lee to have a moment on Thursday.

It all started when hundreds of One Direction fans exploded on Twitter over a GQ cover featuring the boy band, complaining that they didn’t like how their boys were portrayed — and using some rather violent and extremity-laced threats.

But the tweeters misdirected their warnings at the American GQ, rather than the British edition that actually featured the band.

Kathie Lee and Hoda just couldn’t believe the vitriol streaming from the tweens, some of whom made references to butcher knives and threats of slaughter.


“Where are these kids’ parents?” KLG wondered. “Is this the way you’re supposed to vent your feelings? We’re scared to death.”

She also didn’t like the name 1D fans called themselves: Directioners.

“I just got over the (Justin) Bieber people. What are they called – Beliebers? I’m too old officially for this world,” she said. “I don’t give a rip. It all sounds like junior high school garbage.”

And that’s when the moment moved her.

“Nobody’s growing up anymore and becoming solid model citizens who play nicely,” she exclaimed at the beginning of her rant. 

"They don’t have to go on social media and share every thought and every picture of their kid’s doo-doo and everything else with the world who – guess what – is thinking, I don’t care!” she said.

After allowing KLG to enjoy a round of studio applause, Hoda calmed her down a bit.

“Let’s just live here. Let’s just afterglow. This is a moment,” she said. “That felt good. That felt cleansing. You did something right there, you had a moment and it was good. It was really good.”