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KLG and Hoda producer shows she's Cher's #1 fan

Cher gave her first live performance in five years during “The Voice” season finale on Tuesday. Hoda and Kathie Lee didn’t get to attend, but on Wednesday they gave viewers the next best thing: Joanne LaMarca.

Also known as the No. 1 Cher fan, the TODAY producer appeared in actual Cher clothing and with a curly head of the most awesome Cher hair imaginable.

“Is that Cher’s real hair?” KLG cracked about the long black wig.

NBC / Today

Clad in a fabulous buckled skirt that once belonged to Cher, and which still had the price tag hanging 20 years after its purchase, Lamarca completely dressed the part of the obsessive fan.

The previous night she tweeted pictures of various Cher outfits while waiting for the singer to appear on “The Voice.” She had a hard time waiting for show time, though.



Lamarca said she has lost count of how many Cher concerts she has attended.

“And I’ve met her. I’ve hung out with her,” she told the ladies.

KLG noted that although it can sometimes be disappointing to finally meet the subject of your obsession, it wasn’t that way for Lamarca, who created the International Cher Fan Club with her numerous “Cher fan friends.”

“She was always fabulous,” she said.

NBC / Today

KLG and Hoda loved the look put together by LaMarca, who also couldn't stop marveling at her resemblance to her idol.

“Where’s that split screen?” she said.