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KLG and Hoda love the summer of (Prince) George

Indeed, it is the summer of George.

Weeks ago, Kathie Lee and Hoda may have complained incessantly about the royal baby watching, but now that His Royal Highness Prince George has arrived, they love how his parents have taken on their roles.

“I think they have a great attitude of, ‘We’re going to be hands-on parents. We’re going to try to be as normal as we can be in a completely abnormal situation,” KLG said.

While KLG was at first impressed that Duchess Kate wore scrubs when emerging from the hospital, she was less so after Hoda gently corrected her, saying Kate was actually wearing a sky blue frock at the time. Still, Hoda agreed that the royal couple was doing the baby thing well.


And that was despite the fact that the couple picked a name like George for the child, whose grandfather Prince Charles predicted would soon be called “Georgie.”


Neither thought much of the moniker or the nickname for a baby. For Hoda, it conjured up the nursery rhyme, “George Porgie” and for the rest of us, it's a reminder of another infamous George: "Seinfeld" sidekick George Costanza.

Nevertheless, Hoda predicted that “this little George is going to be awesome.”