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KLG and Hoda have dance-off, inspired by bus stop lady

The amazing video of British woman Ellie Cole dancing her heart out at a bus stop back in April has gone viral, and apparently inspired Kathie Lee and Hoda to break out some moves of their own.


Cole's awesome moves captured our hearts — garnering nearly a million YouTube hits — and KLG and Hoda's too. The 35-year-old single mother of two had been studying performing arts, but had to drop out because of financial reasons. But good news! She was just given a role in a local play and feels like this is her "second chance." 

"You go girl! You go Ellie!" said Kathie Lee. And in honor of Cole's bus stop dancing, KLG and Hoda busted a move to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."  


And that's where things got competitive. "I don't judge someone," said KLG, comparing Ellie's dancing repertoire to Hoda's. "The difference, respectfully, is that she has a lot of moves. You have two."

As Hoda bopped along with her signature finger snap, KLG broke free from her desk, compelled to show off the full extent of her dance skills. There was swinging, sashaying, and yes, a little bit of butt wiggling.  

Was there a definitive dancing queen? We'll let you decide. As for Ellie, said KLG, "We wish her all the best."