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KLG and Hoda to Beyonce: Just ignore the haters

"Beyonce is upset," Hoda warned ominously during Wednesday's chat.

After the singer's performance at the Super Bowl, the web site BuzzFeed posted a series of somewhat unflattering pictures of Queen B. Her publicist requested that they be removed, and BuzzFeed refused and essentially thumbed their noses at camp Bey by publishing the pictures AND the email from the publicist. Perhaps as a direct result, Beyonce is refusing to allow any photographers but her own on her "Mrs. Carter" world tour.

Ezra Shaw  / Today

Kathie Lee and Hoda said Wednesday that Bey should basically just brush the dirt off her shoulders and move on.

"We all have terrible photos taken that end up on people's Facebook pages," sighed Hoda, who knows this better than anybody.

"Part of being a celebrity means there are going to be unflattering pictures of you out there," said KLG, who urged Beyonce just to forget about it.

KLG reiterated that they love Beyonce, but said the singer is only drawing more attention to the pictures by acting like, well, a diva.

Hoda agreed. "She's so talented, she doesn't need to go down that road."

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who is more of a Ciara fan.