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KLG, Hoda ask: Is annual exam easier with a hot doc?

Let’s face it, ladies, lying on your back once a year while getting an annual exam — yes, THAT exam — is no fun, no matter how nice the ceiling looks at your doctor’s office.

But would it make a difference if your gynecologist was good-looking?

That’s the question Hoda and Kathie Lee pondered Tuesday as they discussed details of the upcoming birth of Duchess Kate, who is just days away from delivering her first child.

The ladies noted that Kate’s doctor, a handsome obstetrician named Dr. Alan Farthing, was getting a lot of attention lately for his looks rather than his medical skills.


Hoda suggested that women might feel uncomfortable when the doctor “down at that end” also happens to be a hottie.

That led Kathie Lee to recall the time Dolly Parton paid her a visit with their mutual agent. The conversation somehow turned to gynecology visits, and KLG noted that nobody likes them, regardless if the doctor is male or female.

“Who wants to get up there and put your feet in the stirrups?" KLG recalled saying. "And Dolly goes, ‘I do,'" she said. “She loves it. She has a huge crush on her gorgeous gynecologist.”

Apparently, Dolly is in the minority.

A TODAY.com poll revealed that 75 percent of participants would find it awkward to have an attractive gynecologist.

That’s never been the problem for Hoda, who's had two gynecologists, including a much older man “who had a clipboard and shaky hands.”

KLG said she has a female gynecologist whom she adores, but that doesn’t make the yearly exam any easier.

“I still don’t like it, though,” she said. “It’s really uncomfortable business down there.”