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KLG fights bee sting pain with 'big old painful shot'

Peter Kramer / Today
Kathie Lee and Hoda discussed bee sting remedies.

Yesterday, Kathie Lee bravely made it through the Fourth Hour with an injury — she'd gotten stung by a bee over the weekend, and two days later, was still hobbling around with a puffy, misshapen foot. 

KLG put the call out to TODAY's fans, asking for advice on how best to treat a bee sting, and received more than 600 responses. 

"It's still pretty bad," she announced on Tuesday, after trying some of the suggestions on the air Monday. "I eventually had to go to the doctor and I got a big old painful shot in my buttock, of an antibiotic and I got a huge shot of Benadryl. It's a big, big deal."

Also big: Her foot, still swollen and looking not-so-great.

"It's hot to the touch and that usually means infection," said Hoda. "And now you're woozy because of the Benadryl."

"I am not responsible for anything I say or do today because I'm on medication," explained KLG. Got it! 

What were some of the top bee sting cures suggested on our Facebook page? Baking soda and water, meat tenderizer, lavender oil, banana peel, sliced onion, tea bags, and even chewing tobacco — after you've chewed it.

"And my favorite — hemorrhoid ointment," said KLG. "I could have shared Bambino's Preparation H!"

And just so we're clear, TODAY isn't necessarily endorsing any of these treatments — even the pickle juice Kathie Lee tried yesterday. "We don't know if they work," cautioned Hoda, "but people say that they do." 

"Thank you for caring," KLG added. "I appreciate it."